• All ages are welcome. Children ages 5 and under are free.

  • Show will take place rain or shine.

  • Lineup is subject to change.

  • Venue opens at 12:00p both days. Guests can begin lining up at 10:00a.

  • No ins/outs.

Allowed Items

YES Costumes * (no masks or toy/replica weapons)
YES Backpacks (medium)
YES Binoculars
YES Cigarettes (unopened)
YES Chapstick
YES Digital Cameras (Non-Pro)
YES Disposable Cameras
YES Ear Plugs
YES Empty Plastic Bottles & Camelbaks (64 oz or less)
YES Fanny Packs
YES Film Cameras (Non-Pro)
YES GoPros (no poles/extenders)
YES Hats
YES Inhalers
YES Lighters
YES Make-up
YES Polaroid Cameras
YES Rechargable Batteries (mophies)
YES Single Compartment Purses
YES Small Bags (20"x20" or less)
YES Small Flashlight (5”)
YES Sun Block (non aerosol)
YES Vapes/E-Cigs
YES Walkie-Talkies
YES Water Bottles (Plastic Only)

* Masks, toy/replica weapons of any kind (swords, guns, handcuffs, etc) or any other part of a costume that is listed as a prohibited item will not be allowed into the venue. Please also be considerate of other guests at the show, if any part of your costume impedes or blocks the view of other guests you may be asked to remove that part of your costume or asked to relocate.

NO Audio Recording Devices
NO Balloons, Balls, Inflatable Balls, Frisbees
NO Bicycles
NO Blankets or Beach Towels (Excluding VIP Package)
NO Body Armor
NO Bota Bags
NO Caution Tape/Rope
NO Chains/Chain Wallets
NO Chairs
NO Coolers
NO Glass Bottles
NO Masks
NO Custom Signs
NO Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia (Including Medical Marijuana)
NO Drones, Remote Control Aircraft, Toys or Cars
NO Fireworks/Explosives/Flammable Liquids
NO Flags
NO Golf Carts, Dune Buggies, Electronic/Motorized Scooters
NO Hover Boards, Segways, Self Balance Wheels
NO Large Misters
NO Laser Pointers
NO LED Gloves, Hula Hoops or Glow Sticks
NO Metal Water Bottles
NO Musical Instruments
NO Outside Food or Beverage
NO Pets
NO Professional Cameras/Video Cameras
NO Selfie Sticks
NO Skateboards/Helmets
NO Spray Paint/Giant Markers
NO Squirt Guns
NO Tents
NO Umbrellas (beach, rain, etc.)
NO Vape/E-Cig Liquid Refills
NO Weapons of any Kind (Includes Guns, Ammo, Pocket Knives, Pepper Spray, etc.)
NO Wagons or Wheeled Carts

Any items deemed inappropriate by carnival security will not be allowed. You must either return item to vehicle or surrender the item to security.