General Questions

How do I ask questions not answered on this site?

Please use our contact form to ask any questions not answered on this site.

Are you hiring people to work or volunteer at the event?

No. We are not currently hiring or accepting volunteers for the event.

How can I get a booth at the event?

We are not currently accepting applications for booths at this time.

When should I arrive?

The venue will open at 12:00pm. Guests can begin lining up at 10:00a.

Will set times be posted?

Exact set times will be posted at a later date prior to the show.

Can I pass out flyers or promote at the event inside the venue? Outside?

No. Any sort of unapproved promotion is not allowed.

Can I use passes, wristbands, or the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival name to promote my website/product/event?

No. The Camp Flog Gnaw trademark, intellectual property, passes and tickets may not be used for advertising, promotions, contests, sweepstakes or any commercial purpose without written authorization from the show’s producers.

Does it cost anything to go on the carnival rides?

No. Carnival rides are free to all guests with a paid Carnival wristband.

Will there be a skate park?

No. There will be no skate park this year.

How do I get carnival game tickets?

Unlimited Single Day Game wristbands can only be purchased online, in advance, while supplies last.
Individual Carnival Game tickets may be purchased at the festival while supplies last.

Are there camping options for the carnival?

No camping options are available for Camp Flog Gnaw. If you are looking to stay locally, here is a list of local hotels.

Will vendors be accepting credit cards?

Most vendors will be accepting credit cards, but ATMs will also be available on-site.

Passes, Ordering & Activation

Where is my 6 Character Activation Code?

Please review our Wristband Activation Information.

When will passes go on sale?

The 2018 on sale has already occurred. Passes for 2018 are sold out.

Will payment/purchase plans be available for this event?

Sorry, but the payment plan has ended.

When will I get my order?

Orders will begin shipping in late September and will take a few weeks to complete.

Who can I contact for questions regarding my tickets?

Please contact Ticket Purchase Support.

Can I transfer my pass(es) to friends or family?

You may give or hand your order to whoever you want. If picking up at will call, only the original purchaser can pick up the order. No alternative pickups or name changes will be allowed. Please keep this in mind if you are buying tickets as a gift for someone else... The order should be placed in their name.

Where is the box office and what are the hours?

Please review the Pass & Order Info page.

How can I update my shipping address?

You can update your shipping address online (click here for instructions) or by contacting Ticket Purchase Support. The deadline to update your shipping address is September 20, 2018.

Are single day festival passes available?

No. Only 2-Day festival passes are sold for this event.

Can I share my wristband with someone so I can go on Saturday and they can go on Sunday?

No. A wristband may only be worn and used by (1) one person for both days. Wristbands are void if tampered with or removed.

Are the wristbands waterproof?

Yes. You can shower, wash your hands and swim with your wristband.

Where/when can I pick up my VIP merch package?

Please review VIP Merch & Super VIP Camping Package Shipping Info.

Does the Super VIP Package come with the VIP Merch also?


What Can I Bring?

How do I bring in my medical prescription (i.e. Insulin)?

To bring in a medical prescription, please identify yourself to security while waiting to enter the venue. Security will show you to the medical team and will assist you in storing and providing a secure area for your medication. All medical prescriptions should be in separate, properly-named containers and accompanying names on those containers will need to match the attendees proper ID. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact our ADA team.

I have health problems and/or special dietary needs. Will I be able to bring in my specialty foods, snacks or supplements?

Please review the ADA Page and contact our ADA team with any concerns or questions.

Can I bring in eye drops or saline for my contact lenses?

Yes. But, it needs to be in a small marked container.

Can I bring in a water mister or squirt gun?

No squirt guns will be allowed in the venue. You may bring in a small, empty plastic personal-sized fan mister. No large pump-style misters will be allowed.

Are strollers allowed in the venue?

Strollers for infants/toddlers will be allowed. Wagons or wheeled carts will not be allowed in the venue.

How big is a medium backpack?

A medium backpack should be no bigger than 20″ tall, 15″ wide and 9″ thick packed. Bags will have to fit into a box of that size similar to the system used at airports. If your bag doesn’t fit in the box it won’t be able to go inside the venue. No metal framed backpacks will be allowed in the venue.

What are considered professional cameras?

Any camera with a removable/detachable lens will be considered a professional camera.

Can I bring my vape or e-cig?

Single use minis (a.k.a. cig-a-likes) are okay. Mid-sized e-cigs and vape pens are okay. However, no liquid refills will be allowed into the venue. APVs or mods are not allowed in the venue.

Travel & Parking

How do I get to the festival?

Please review the Get Here page.

Where should I park?

Please review the Get Here page.

Will there be bike parking available?

Bike parking will be available. Please check back closer to festival dates for location.